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Olathe Public Library Volunteer Opportunities 

Teen Department Volunteers (6th - 12th graders)
All volunteer activities have been canceled until further notice. 

Teen Department Volunteer Application

Meet & Eat Assistant
A Meet & Eat Assistant serves lunch or afterschool meals to youth. Volunteers assist with setting-up, cleaning-up, counting participants, supervising activities and interact with the kids. Lunches are served on days school is not in session and during the summer at both library locations, Monday through Friday. During the school year, the time commitment for assisting with lunch is 2 hours per day; during the summer the time commitment is 3 hours per day. Times vary. Afterschool meal commitment is 2 hours per day. Times and locations vary.

Homework Helper
Homework Helpers assist youth in Kindergarten through 10th grade with their homework. Volunteers for this position need have the following qualifications: high-achieving high schoolers; ability to help with most school subjects; in-depth knowledge of math and science; able to relate well to youth. Volunteer slots are 2 hour slots from 4-6 pm. Days and locations vary.

Teen Ambassador
Teen Ambassadors help the library bring information, education and opportunities to the community. Ambassadors work side-by-side with library staff, attend community events, help plan teen programs and network and collaborate with students, community leaders and organizations to spread the word about the library and teen services. Ambassadors meet once a month for 1.5 hours and as needed for events. 


Gaming Assistant
Gaming Assistants have experience and enthusiasm for a particular game and are willing to run, teach and play the game with other teens. Assistants assist with set-up and take-down as well. Some current teen game programs that require Gaming Assistants includes: Minecraft, D&D, Magic the Gathering, tabletop games, chess and platform gaming (Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One). Times, days, locations and time commitment vary.

Technology Assistant
Technology Assistants have experience and enthusiasm for current technology and are willing to set-up and run technology activities for teens. Some current and future technology-related teen programs that require some Technology Assistants includes: robotics (EV3), 3-D printing, virtual reality equipment, coding and crafting (sewing & button maker, etc.). Times, days, locations and time commitment vary.

Summer Program Assistant
Summer Program Assistants explain the summer program to other teens and assist in registration and prize distribution. Volunteer slots are 2 hours each, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm at both locations. Volunteers may be asked to serve in another capacity during their scheduled time.

Junior Gardener
Teen Services has plots in Old Town Community Garden near the Downtown Library. On those plots, the Junior Gardeners learn, discover, create and grow together. As a Junior Gardener you will meet new people, share your skills and get a little dirty in the process. Whether you are an experienced green thumb or are new to the gardening scene, this is an opportunity for you to give back to your community in a meaningful way. Those who volunteer are able take home the fruits of their labor. Whatever remains goes to the local food pantry to help those in need. (Seasonal)

Special Project Assistant
We will contact you when we need help with various projects at one of our library locations or offsite. Special projects may include: helping with a children’s program; craft prep for a program; setting up/breaking down chairs and tables for programs or events; and Summer Reading Kick-off.

Other Library Volunteer Jobs (13 & up)
Opportunities include shelving materials, working with holds or helping during a book sale. Read more. 

Community Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Olathe
Several departments within the city organization offer volunteer opportunities. What are your interests? Parks and Recreation? The Mahaffie House?

Olathe Youth Court
Youth Court is an alternative to District Court offered to first-time offenders. Volunteers serve as jurors, attorneys, clerks, bailiffs, and judges. 

Catholic Charities of NE Kansas
Volunteers serve in a number of ways, hosting food drives, selling donated items with our eBay store team, babysitting for families attending classes, organizing the clothing at TurnStyles Thrift Store and more.

Youth Volunteer Corps of Greater Kansas City
Youth ages 11-18 are invited to make a difference in their communities by participating in projects throughout the year. Over 65 different non-profit agencies team with YVCKC, providing volunteer opportunities for students. 

Heart to Heart
Dedicated to bringing relief to devastated communities world-wide, Heart to Heart will work with teen volunteers on an individual or group basis. 

Wayside Waifs
If you love animals, this might be the job for you. Opportunities include working with animals, organizing a drive and more.