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The Tyrant’s Tomb is the fourth book in the Trials of Apollo series, which is a sequel series to the massively popular and critically acclaimed series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  For years I have been voraciously reading Rick Riordan’s books for children and young adults because he has a way of weaving stories that are instructional (he makes learning tidbits of history fun), exciting, and impactful.  The Tyrant’s Tomb does not disappoint and has left me excited for the next installment due to come out in Fall of 2020.  Though intended for younger audiences, like middle-grade and teens, the story does not shy away from tough topics like death and violence and actually treats it respectfully and in ways that are respectful towards the readers (meaning it doesn’t dumb down these important concepts).  However, because of the slightly more graphic details of violence and the more gruesome creatures/characters in the book, The Tyrant’s Tomb may be more appropriate for middle school and up.

I also love this particular book series because you, as the reader, get to see a great progression of character development in the main character of Apollo, who has been cursed to inhabit the body of a teenaged boy and lose his godly powers.  The only way he can regain his powers and his original form is to earn it, and The Tyrant’s Tomb shows his gradual progression from being an arrogant god to a humbler human.  While he retains much of his personality that makes him the likeable character that he is, Apollo has come a long way from the arrogant and cruel god he once was.  I would recommend this fast-paced, engaging, and emotionally impactful book because it is an adventure that shows the importance of friendship, responsibility, and teamwork.

Recommended by Miss Caitlin.