Where can I checkout tools from the Tool Lending Library?

Tools may only be checked out, returned and renewed at the Downtown Olathe library, 201 E. Park St.

How do I get started?

To become a member of the TLL, you will need to visit the Downtown library in person and meet the following requirements: 
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have an OPL or JCL library card account in good standing
  • Show photo ID
  • Complete and sign a TLL Membership Application
  • Complete and sign a TLL Waiver and Indemnification form

*By applying for membership in the TLL, you are agreeing that you are capable of safely using any borrowed tools/equipment and that if a tool/piece of equipment becomes unsafe, you will stop using it and return it to the library, notifying staff. You also agree that the library and the City of Olathe are not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials in any TLL tools/equipment.  

How do I check out an item from the tool library?

Once your application is approved, you may browse the collection and select the tool you need. Ask at the Information desk and staff will retrieve the tool and check it out for you.

How long can I check out the tools or a piece of equipment?

Tools will checkout for a period of seven (7) days. 

How many items can I check out at one time?

Up to five items may be borrowed at a time.  

Can I place a hold if the item I want is currently checked out?

If a desired tool or piece of equipment is not immediately available for check out, the borrower may make a hold request through OPL staff.  Tools/equipment may be reserved up to one (1) month in advance and must be picked up by closing on the day for which the tools/equipment were reserved.  Any reserved tools/equipment not picked by closing on the requested day will become available to other customers on the following day.

Can I renew?

You may renew tools and equipment in person at the Downtown library. You may renew each item up to two times.  

How do I return the tools?

Tools should be returned in person to the Downtown library during days and times when the library is open. Bring your items to the information desk, where staff will inspect the tools for cleanliness, condition and missing parts. 

Do I need to clean the tools/equipment before I return it?

Yes, please! Borrowed items with all the parts must be returned clean and in good condition (with the exception of normal wear and tear). You may be asked to take the item back home and clean it before it can be checked in if it is not clean.  

What if I have the tools past the due date?

You are responsible for each day that an item is kept past the due date. Fines accrue each day the TLL is open and are based on the cost of the tool:

 Cost of the Tool  Daily Overdue Fine  Maximum Overdue Fine
 $0 - $9.99  $0.10  $0.70
 $10.00 - $24.99  $0.50  $3.50
 $25.00 - $49.99  $1.00  $7.00
 $50.00 - $74.99  $2.00  $14.00
 $75.00 - $99.99  $3.00  $21.00
 $100.00 and higher  $4.00  $28.00

If a tool/piece of equipment is not returned within seven (7) days of the due date, the maximum overdue fine will be removed from your account and a bill for the replacement cost of the item will be added.