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 WiFi to Go: Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is a portable Wi-Fi device that allows you to carry a portable internet source with you wherever you go. With a mobile hotspot, you will have wireless internet access in your car, at home or anywhere else, for up to 10 devices at a time. It does not need to be plugged into a data port and you do not need a wireless or internet subscription to use it.


What kind of mobile hotspots are included in TLL Wi-Fi to Go?
Wi-Fi to Go is a pilot project of the Olathe Public Library to provide free mobile internet access in our community. The library collection has several hotspots which provide internet access to smartphones, tablets and other wireless-enabled devices through a cellular network. A hotspot can support up to 10 devices at a time and provide unlimited internet service. Service is dependent on the availability of the network where the hotspot is being used.

Where can I check out a mobile hotspot?
Mobile hotspots may only be checked out, returned and renewed at the Downtown Olathe library, 201 E. Park St.

How do I get started?
You will need to become a member of the Tool Lending Library (TLL). In order to become a member of the TLL, you will need to visit the Downtown library in person and meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have an OPL or JCL library card account in good standing
  • Show photo ID
  • Complete and sign a TLL Membership Application
  • Complete and sign a TLL Waiver and Indemnification form
  • Mobile Hotspot Waiver and Indemnification Form
*By applying for membership in the TLL, you are agreeing that you are capable of safely using any borrowed tools/equipment and that if a tool/piece of equipment becomes unsafe, you will stop using it and return it to the library, notifying staff. You also agree that the library and the City of Olathe are not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials in any TLL tools/equipment.


How do I check out a mobile hotspot from the tool library?
Once your application is approved, you may select a mobile hotspot in the collection. Ask at the Information desk and staff will retrieve and check it out for you.

How long can I check out the tools or a piece of equipment?
Mobile hotspots will check out for a period of seven (7) days.

How many mobile hotspots or tools can I check out at one time?
Only one (1) mobile hotspot per member of the TLL, and up to five (5) items from the TLL may be borrowed at a time.

Can I place a hold if the item I want is currently checked out?
Yes, a hold may be placed for the mobile hotspots if they are all checked out.

Can I renew?
You may renew a mobile hotspot up to two times if there are no holds. You must renew in person at the Downtown library.

How do I return the mobile hotspots?
Mobile hotspots should be returned in person to the Downtown library during days and times when the library is open. Bring your items to the Information desk, where staff will inspect the hotspot and its accessories for condition and missing parts.

Do I need to charge the mobile hotspot before I return it?
Yes, please! Please fully charge the mobile hotspot before you return it. Borrowed mobile hotspots must be returned in good condition.

What if I have the mobile hotspot past the due date?
You are responsible for each day that the mobile hotspot is kept past the due date. Fines accrue each day the TLL is open and are based on the cost of the item:

Cost of the Mobile Hotspot $100.00 and higher
Daily Overdue Fine $4.00
Maximum Overdue Fine $28.00

If a mobile hotspot is not returned within seven (7) days of the due date, the maximum overdue fine will be removed from your account and a bill for the replacement cost of the item will be added. You must return the mobile hotspot with all components (hotspot device, power adapter, cord and case) for the library to consider the item checked in and returned.

What happens if the mobile hotspot is lost or damaged?
You will be charged for the mobile hotspot and/or any accessory not returned or returned damaged. Replacement costs:

Mobile Hotspot Unit:  $100
Power Adapter/Cord:  $10
Case:  $10
Total Replacement Cost:  $120


What information about my internet usage, if any, is tracked by the library or the service provider?
Your internet usage is not tracked by the Library or the service provider.

Is the mobile hotspot secure?
Hotspots are unsecured, wireless networks and any information being sent or received over the network could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. Mobile hotspot borrowers are cautioned against transmitting their credit card information, passwords and other sensitive, personal information while using any wireless network, and do so at their own risk.

Is the mobile hotspot filtered?
The mobile hotspots are not equipped with any Internet-filtering capabilities. Borrowers are entirely responsible for any content accessed through a mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspot borrowers are responsible for protecting children from inappropriate content. Mobile hotspot users should refrain from online activity that violates federal, state, or local laws.

How much data can I use?
The mobile hotspots are on unlimited data plans managed by the Library.

What do I do if I successfully connected, however, I have slow-to-no internet access?
The mobile hotspots gain internet access through Sprint cell towers. If the mobile hotspot has no signal from Sprint, it will not be able to give you internet access. Check the front of the mobile hotspot and look for signal bars. If no bars are found, the device has no signal. Turn the device off and back on to try and gain internet access. If signal bars do not appear, you may be out of Sprint’s network coverage

How long does the battery last?
The device’s battery life will vary.

How do I disconnect a personal device from the mobile hotspot?
The mobile hotspot does not have the ability to forget or disconnect devices from itself. You must manually go into the Wi-Fi settings on your device and “forget” the mobile hotspot in order to disconnect.

Can I use the mobile hotspot outside the U.S.?
No, the mobile hotspots only work in the U.S.