Please note:  The DT Makerspace will close on August 19 to prepare equipment for the new Indian Creek.

What types of ukuleles does the Makerspace have?

We have concert ukuleles and tenor ukuleles for in-house use (must stay in the Makerspace) and for checkout.

Really? I can check out a ukulele at the library?

Yes! They check out for three weeks just like a book and can be renewed if no one is waiting (but chances are someone is waiting!). Check availability for Concert Ukuleles or Tenor Ukuleles.

What comes with the ukuleles?

A carrying case (with strap) and tuner.

What resources do you recommend if I am just getting started? 

Ukulele Introduction Tutorial          Ukulele Chord Tutorial


Coveywood YouTube Channel
A collection of ukulele videos from a UK Ukulele teacher with more than 40 years of experience.

Ukulele Hunt
The site, by the author of Ukuleles for Dummies, includes suggestions on buying a ukulele, in addition to lessons, songs to learn, playing recommendations and more.  

5 Fantastic Resources on the Web for Ukulele Players
Find a list of popular websites for ukulele players, including an online tuner, lessons, songs and more.

How do I tune a ukulele?

Watch this short Ukulele Tuning Tutorial by our resident ukulele librarian. 

 Where can I find some songs?

1200+ Best Ukulele Songs and Ukulele Tabs by Richard G
This is one of the best collections of ukulele songs on the Internet. There are mostly older songs with frequent additions of newer tunes. All are ranked for ease of play and are downloadable. There’s a tip jar if you feel guilty. 

HUG Songbook | Halifax Ukulele Gang (H.U.G.)
This songbook was created by Canadian ukulele lovers. Try Volume 1 and Volume 2. Be careful if you print! At 15 cents a page, printing this at the library may cost more than that toy ukulele you bought on a whim.

Where can I play with others?

Kansas City Ukesters 
Go local! The Ukesters are a local ukulele club that meets monthly. There's lots to learn on their website. If the Ukesters meet too far from home, there’s a list of other local ukulele clubs.

 Recommended Reading & Viewing