Cool Sites for Kids

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Parents, before your child surfs the Internet, we strongly suggest you and your child review some tips for safety on the Internet. Please read My Rules for Online Safety.

Below is a list of categories of kid-approved web sites. Clicking on any link will take you beyond the Olathe Public Library's website.


Site of the Month: November

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TED Ed is like TED Talks for kids. . .only with cool animated videos.  Learn about such intriguing topics as “History through the Eyes of a Chicken” or “What Is the Coldest Thing in the World?” or “The Most Successful Pirate of All Time” just to name a few.  This site is a treasure trove for any curious kid.

Fun & Games

More Great Sites

Association for Library Service to Children’s Great Sites for Kids
A variety of kid-friendly websites gathered by the ALSC, a division of the American Library Association. You’ll find educational sites, games and more.

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