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Welcome to Kids’ Corner!

The online home for all things “kid” at the Olathe Public Library.

We’re glad you’re here! Like you, we think kids are pretty important. That’s why we’ve made it part of our mission to encourage reading and lifelong learning, especially for children and their families. The library is a great resource for materials and programming to encourage young readers and learners. On these pages, you’ll find reading suggestions, homework help and the calendar of activities including our regular storytimes. Enjoy!


Staff Pick of the Month

The large, silvery moth beaming from the cover is fairly irresistible, and the story and illustrations that unfold in the following pages will not disappoint.  Just as we begin to fall in love with the peppered moth, its habitat, and clever camouflage from predators, the world changes and it becomes endangered.  The charcoal variation of the species enjoys fresh safety while its speckled cousin becomes the standout snack for hungry birds.  “This is a story of light and dark.  Of change and adaptation, of survival and hope,” Isabel Thomas tells the little boy opening his book on the first page.  Daniel Egneus’s bold collages intertwine with the author’s poetic language to simplify the natural selection and adaptation process in “An Evolutionary Story” of touching beauty. 

Recommended by Miss Jan

Did You Know red

Did you know the Olathe Public Library has a special gift for the new baby at your house?  If you have an infant less than a year old, stop by the Children’s Desk at either Olathe library and pick up our free gift for your baby.  The gift bag includes library information, early literacy tips, and a special book for you to share with your little one.  We hope it will help foster a love of reading in your child and mark the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the library.