The Olathe Libraries will be closed until further notice in accordance with the Johnson County stay-at-home order. See the library announcement for more information. 

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We’re glad you’re here! Like you, we think kids are pretty important. That’s why we’ve made it part of our mission to encourage reading and lifelong learning, especially for children and their families. The library is a great resource for materials and programming to encourage young readers and learners. On these pages, you’ll find reading suggestions, homework help and the calendar of activities including our regular storytimes. Enjoy!


Resources for Kids at Home

Children's staff have selected a list of fun and useful online resources for kids and their families during this time of staying at home.  There's something for everyone.

stay home stay safe


Staff Pick of the Month

When Pluto gets the call from scientists back on Earth telling him he’s no longer an actual planet, he’s heartbroken.  Pluto takes readers on a tour through the solar system to meet all the true planets and commiserate about his demotion.  During his humorous journey, fun facts are shared along the way.  You’ll be rooting for Pluto from beginning to end, because planet or not, he’s still special too!

Recommended by Miss Jennifer


Featured Book Trailer

Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum is based on an unfinished manuscript discovered by Seuss's widow in his studio.  The book is a tour of how different artists see horses and how those different visions lead to the creation of unique art.  Illustrator Andrew Joyner studied the late author’s sketches to create the illustrations that pay homage to Seuss’s artistic style and energy.