Library Policies

The following policies of the Olathe Public Library, reflect the actions taken by the Olathe Public Library Advisory Board, which regulates the library’s services and business operations. Library staff base procedures on the policies listed here.

Library Code of Behavior

It is the intent of the library that a positive atmosphere for use of the library is maintained. The library employs security guards for the safety of the customers and staff during evening library hours. The security guards and staff shall enforce standards of acceptable behavior on library property. The security guards and library staff will apply all local ordinances and state laws which govern behavior in public places. Specific rules regarding behavior can be found in the full Library Code of Behavior

Library as a Forum for Free Expression

As the library is a forum for expressive activities, see the Olathe Public Library Outdoor Area Statement as to Freedom of Speech Rights for the regulations enforced by the library to make sure that such events and activities are a positive experience for both the library and local organizations.

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Library Safety

As a public place open to all who would visit and use the library, it is necessary to establish a Library Security Policy to govern proper and reasonable use and behavior that balances the rights of all users in the library. To assist in the maintenance of a safe and secure environment for customers and staff the library is equipped with Library Security Cameras.

In addition, the library has an Internet Safety Policy and a Public Computer Policy which outline acceptable and unacceptable use of public library computers. The library encourages parents to be familiar with the guidelines for use of the Children’s Game Computers.

Occasionally the library must deny or restrict library use because of violations of these or other policies.

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