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Director's Letter
October 25, 2019 

We’ve had a number of questions about the downtown library with the potential new development planned.  I can tell you, I’ve never been more excited about our downtown library’s future than I am right now!!!  Now that the Indian Creek Library is completed, we’re focusing on the other key element of our Library Master Plan, a new, bigger and better downtown library, and it’s happening more quickly than I could ever have hoped for. 

We all know what the master plan confirms. Our downtown library will become the 21st Century library for our core.   Our plans call for much more space, the latest in technology and features such as a commons area for meeting friends, enjoying a book or catching up on business or school work.  A series of meeting rooms will provide space for business collaboration, club meetings, group study or even a place to work on a personal hobby or project.  And yes, there will be all of your favorite materials to check out and take home whether the latest best seller or that recent movie you did not make it to.  The new downtown library will have plenty of public computers, printers and other self service equipment to meet your needs.   Also plan on staying at the library since attractive and comfortable, spacious areas will be there for you to choose from and enjoy.

Soon, we’ll plan to be able to share information about a public private partnership in our downtown that’s set to bring a new, updated library that will meet our needs today and tomorrow.  Once details are all finalized we’re going to be celebrating a new library project and new opportunities in our downtown.  As soon as we can, we’ll share more information about this exciting project, so please stay tuned.


Emily Baker
Library Director
Olathe Public Library

Downtown Library FAQ

Is the Downtown library closing?
No. The city is committed to library services in the DT area. It is highly likely that the DT library will be in a temporary location before a new twenty-first century DT library is built. This transition period will be much like what happened to Indian Creek. 

Did you sell this building?  
The DT project is still in the early stages as the city is still in the process of working with the developer on finalizing plans and seeking the necessary approvals for a future building on the DT library site. At this time, no contracts have been signed.

I heard that the Olathe Downtown Library is moving. Is that true?
The library’s current master plan recommends that the city renovate or replace both the Olathe Indian Creek Library and the Olathe Downtown Library, allowing the library to add much-needed community space to both locations and enhance services. With the new Indian Creek library opening this October, the city has begun to explore options for a new downtown library location.

What is the timeline for a new downtown library? 
No timelines have been made at this point. 

Where will a new downtown library be located? 
An exact location is still being determined. However, the city is committed to a library location remaining in downtown Olathe. The new Indian Creek library is not replacing the downtown library. 

Where can I find project updates? 
Updates will be posted right here on the library construction news page.   

Who can I talk to about the DT library project? 
Emily Baker, Library Director, 913-971-6880 
Sara Eccles, DT Library Manager, 913-971-6832