BookFlix is an online literacy resource for pre-K through 3rd grade that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction books.  Watch the story, then read the book. This pairing of fiction and nonfiction has been shown to be an effective way to develop critical reading and comprehension skills in children.  Plus, it’s fun!  Your library card provides free access to this online resource.

If you’re new to BookFlix—and even if you're not—here’s a fun activity to do with your child while learning more about this resource.  Can You Name the Celebrity Narrator? is a quiz where you watch short video clips from BookFlix and see if you can identify the celebrity voice.  Some of the most well-known actors and celebrities of our time have lent their voices to the storybook videos featured on BookFlix.  How good is your ear?  Take the quiz and see.  And maybe you’ll discover some great new picture books along the way.

quiz sample

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