Indian Creek Update, August 13

Children's Area Taking Shape

Workers continue to make great progress with the new Indian Creek Library. The following photos focus on the level of completion in the children’s area, where they are nearly ready for carpeting and other finish work.


children's play area

In the above photo, you can see the majority of the children’s collection and play areas awaiting carpeting, shelving, furniture and play components. With so many windows the area is saturated with natural light. As a result, kids and parents will have wonderful views of the children’s reading garden and the exterior courtyard on the opposite side.


children's program room August 9

The children’s program room is also nearly complete. The drop ceiling is being installed this week and will soon be followed by carpeting, cabinetry and electronics. As in the previous photo, this area also has excellent natural lighting with a considerable amount of windows. Views will include the children’s reading garden and a heavily treed back area. Not seen in this photo is the bubble wall, which could be operational at the end of this month.      


children's Everbright wall

Last week we highlighted a photo of the elm wood being installed. In this new photo, one can see how workers created a recessed space in the wall for the Everbright system, which was featured in a previous update entitled Creative Illumination.  We believe kids and parents will love this added feature.

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