Indian Creek Update, August 5

Elm Wood

Highlighted in our May 13th construction update, we shared Olathe’s unique history of the lone elm tree and how architects were inspired to include repurposed elm wood into the new library design.  With these photos one can see portions of the wood now installed and how it provides added warmth and beauty to the customer experience.

 IC warm wood  IC elm wood


Event Space

The Event Space continues to take shape.  As seen in the image below, the raised floor has been installed as has the framework for the glass front which will also support the sliding glass doors.  To provide the flexibility needed to meet our community and staff needs, a ceiling mounted track system has been installed for a sliding wall which can make the larger room into two smaller spaces, allowing the library to host many more community events.  If one looks closely, you can see where the dividing wall will be housed when not in use. 

IC event space Aug 5

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