Indian Creek update, July 2

Connecting to the Outdoors


exterior courtyard 7-2-19

Compared to our previous construction update, you can see significant progress has been made on the exterior courtyard.  In addition to the previously installed retaining wall and garden curbing, the entire concrete gathering area has been poured.  Once furniture, plantings and lighting are in place, this will be a great place to gather for our outdoor events and other activities.  


parking lot planter 7-2-19

In addition to the ground level garden spaces already in place in the children’s reading garden and exterior courtyard, the front of the library will create a connectedness to nature with a series of garden spaces at the base of the sunshade columns, as shown here.


sunshade 7-2-19

Our third exterior photo shows a small sampling of leaves for the sunshade being installed.  As you can see, there’s a wide variety of angles, sizes, colors and finishes to mimic the variety one might encounter when observing leaves on a tree.  The combination of colors and finishes includes anodized aluminum in silver and titanium with accents of milled aluminum and plain stainless steel.  On a large scale, this combination will create quite a visual impact.


raised floor system 7-2-19

An additional sign of progress includes the delivery of our raised flooring system.  If you’re curious how a raised floor is installed, see this time-lapse video from the Monticello library.  We’re pleased to have this feature as it will allow us to easily alter spaces as needs and technology advancements dictate.  In this photo, you can also see the quiet reading room taking shape.

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