Heads up! The Olathe libraries will be closed on Monday, October 14 for staff training.  

The new Indian Creek opens on October 19, 2019! In preparation, the temporary Indian Creek location closed on September 8, 2019. Please note service changes during the transition. 


Indian Creek Update, June 19

Continuing On!


This week we provide a series of photos displaying some of the progress being made at the new Indian Creek Library.  The first photo is of the Children’s Reading Garden, which we previously highlighted in the Bricks & Metal update.  Current progress shows the installation of siding, glazing, concrete and ground-level lighting. Items yet to be completed include wall-mounted exterior lighting, a security fence, the addition of comfortable outdoor furniture, and the actual garden.  A variety of plants will be placed around the perimeter of the garden to provide additional connectedness to nature.

Children's Reading Garden

Indian Creek children's reading garden


The second photo highlights a feature we are very excited about, which was previously featured in the highly popular update Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles. The bubble wall has arrived at the new library space, but will remain in its protective wrapping as construction continues around it.  As our moving date draws closer, Midwest Tropical will return to complete the installation process of this amazing feature.

Children's Bubble Wall

Indian Creek children's bubble wall

Photo 3 shows progress on the expansive exterior courtyard on the north side of the building.  Like the Children’s Reading Garden, it will have abundant ground-level and wall-mounted lighting, supplemented by light from the interior.  Comfortable outdoor lounge seating is also planned.  Several rectangular gardens can be seen where ornamental bamboo will be planted; these will show the overall theme of connectedness to nature that will carry over inside the building.  The retaining wall currently being installed will serve the dual purpose of being a seat wall for the courtyard and as a backdrop for the stage area of the exterior amphitheater.  More on that in a future update.   

Exterior Courtyard

Indian Creek exterior courtyard


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