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The new Indian Creek opens on October 19, 2019! In preparation, the temporary Indian Creek location closed on September 8, 2019. Please note service changes during the transition. 


Indian Creek update, June 3

Creative Illumination

In our February 11th construction update, we described the bubble wall, which will be located in the Indian Creek Library children’s area.  What could be more exciting than that, you may ask?  Believe it or not, we have just the thing:  a 21st century product inspired by everyone’s favorite 20th century toy, Lite-Brite!

Everbright is an interactive display made up of hundreds of adjustable LED dials that rotate endlessly in either direction, changing color as they turn, which allows for the creation of patterns and shapes. Unlike Lite-Brite, which often results in little parts strewn throughout the house to be stepped on in the dark of night, there are no removable parts to worry about! Everbright invites children to engage in interactive and open-ended play that will help develop their creativity, making, and STEAM skills. It’s not just for kids, though; individuals from every age group can interact with the Everbright, and it will be especially appealing to people on the autism spectrum. 

OPL plans to install the Everbright approximately 16” above the floor to allow access for children of all ages to this fun, interactive feature of our new 21st century library.


Everbright from Hero Design on Vimeo.

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