Indian Creek Update, April 15, 2019


north face of Indian CreekThe photo today shows that the exterior siding on the north face of the library has been completed.  It appears just as the architects promised, beautifully reflecting sunlight and casting interesting shadows.  Workers will now focus on completing the Children’s Reading Garden.

With the roof complete and glass installed, painting of the interior structural steel and roof deck underbelly has commenced.  By painting the exposed steel, conduit and venting the same color, those features will be disguised and allow for a more open structure.  Making full use of the 22’ high ceilings in some areas will enhance the library’s considerable sense of space and openness.

Wall Framing continues at a steady pace and is nearing completion.  Because the interior is now dry, sheetrock installation will move more rapidly along with electrical and plumbing.  We should begin to see more interior photos soon!

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