Indian Creek Update, April 8, 2019

Bricks & Metal

As mentioned in our previous update, the installation of the exterior metal wall panels has progressed.  The focus is currently on the north (park) side of the building, where support tracking has been installed and now awaits panel installation.  Work this week should result in the completion of the north wall, revealing the architects’ vision of metal, glass and natural light.  The combination of these three elements will enhance the natural beauty of the elm wood, which will be a prominent material inside the building.

track for the siding on north side April 3

The Children’s Reading Garden, a beautifully secluded and peaceful element of the new facility, has begun to take shape, as the installation of the retaining wall was completed last week.  The reading garden will be enhanced with additional trees and other plantings, creating a sense of connectedness to nature.  For the safety of our little customers enjoying some time outside, a security fence will be installed at the retaining wall, giving parents and guardians peace of mind. 

Children's reading garden retaining wall

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