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Indian Creek Update, April 1, 2019

No jokes, please!


IC northwest corner under construction

Happy April 1st!  Please rest assured everything written here is true.

After considerable wrangling with the weather, the roof is now 100% installed and detailed.  You will see continued work as the skylights and clerestory glazing are completed.  Last Friday it was estimated we are at 90% completion with glass installation.  Take a glance at our accompanying photo and you can see the changes taking place.

Installation of the formed metal exterior wall panels will begin this week.  Workers will begin on the north (park) side and progress to the east (children’s reading garden).  The west (front) will be the last area to be installed.  Depending on site conditions due to the rainy weekend, the retaining wall for the children's reading garden should begin installation this week.

Electrical overhead rough-in is on-going, as is mechanical and plumbing.  A high priority right now is the installation of piping insulation and ductwork so the interior overhead infrastructure and building structure can be painted.  Pending completion of the overhead work, painting prep work may start as early as today.

What’s going on with our live camera view?  Unfortunately, the camera was damaged during site work.  There is a plan to install a new camera soon so please continue to check back occasionally.  We’ll also post a notice on our website and social media when it’s back up and running.

Visit our construction update page, to see past updates. 

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