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Indian Creek Update, March 18, 2019

Continued good news!

Friday construction reports indicate the roof will be completed in six days.  With the roofing crew taking advantage of the beautiful weekend weather, we could see completion by Friday, March 22nd.  The glass for the clerestory and all 10 skylights is on site and will be installed soon. No doubt the workers inside the building will appreciate a dry workspace, which could allow them to make up for time lost due to the harsh winter.clerestory March 13

We continue to see significant exterior changes, one of which includes the thick air/vapor barrier currently being applied to all exposed brick areas.  This product is painted onto the building in 3 to 4 coats. Once dried workers will then begin adding insulation quickly followed by installation of the beautiful formed metal siding.

Interior concrete work also continues.  Last week the flooring for the Makerspace was poured, as was the acoustic concrete floor slab for the recording studio. 

The scheduled earthwork did begin at the north park area with significant portions of the existing parking lot and other driveways being demolished and removed.

Visit the construction update page for past updates.  


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