Indian Creek, February 4, 2019

Flexibility is the theme.

A key concept discussed while designing the new Indian Creek Library was the “efficient and flexible use of space”.  Almost every public-facing space at Indian Creek will have the potential to serve a different purpose; to adapt to day-to-day demand or even large scale changes based on trends in service, technology or other forces at play.   

Over the last few months, library staff has been working closely with Group4’s interior design team to create a customer friendly shelving and collection plan.  Though plans include traditional adult and children’s shelving units (stacks), Indian Creek will also have a significant number of mobile shelving units (gondolas) to be located in the library’s Marketplace (front-to-back center spine of the building) and Teen area. IC marketplace concept

The first grouping of gondolas in the Marketplace will be dedicated to New Adult materials in all available formats.  A second gondola cluster will hold all public holds, strategically located near the internal book drop and self-check machines, followed by our extensive Adult DVD collection.  The third grouping of Marketplace gondolas will consist of Children's books including Fiction, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Picture, Scary, Sports and Animals; immediately followed by the Children's DVD collection. 

OPL has also planned to have the entire Teen collection on mobile shelving units, allowing the teen librarian to modify the space as needed when hosting large scale events.

We hope you like this new way of displaying and organizing materials.  While you're here, take some extra time to explore the entire floor plan.  You'll find many wonderful spaces that will be discussed in future posts.

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