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Family Read-Aloud Club

Do you know about the library's Family Read-Aloud Club?  This is a program designed to encourage parents to continue reading aloud to their school-age children.  Even after they start reading on their own, children can benefit from being read to.  Kids are able to listen to books two grades above their reading level.  This improves vocabulary and listening comprehension.  Listening at a higher level than if reading on their own can make more complex ideas accessible.  Reading together can lead to important questions and interesting discussions.  When children see their parents reading, it demonstrates that reading is important, pleasurable, and valued.  And is there anything better than sharing a good book?  Reading together provides the perfect opportunity to be close to your child.

Here is how the Family Read-Aloud Club works:

  • Check out chapter books from the Olathe Public Library.
  • Parents read chapter books of at least 80 pages to their children.
  • When finished reading a book, bring the book to the Children’s Department for staff to record in their database.
  • When a family has read 6 books of 80 or more pages each, they will receive a free paperback book.
  • Each family may receive up to 4 free books per calendar year, having read a total of 24 books.
    (Once you have received 4 free books, you may not record more titles until the following year.)
  • Families may read their free paperback book as a read-aloud club selection.
  • Family Read-Aloud Club records with no activity after 1 year will be removed from the database.

Remember, the books must be at least 80 pages in length and it is the parent who reads the book aloud.  The following types of book do not qualify for this read-aloud program:  nonfiction without narrative qualities, graphic novels/comics, audiobooks, activity books, joke books, and song books.  If you need some ideas for good read-aloud titles, check out our list of Family Read-Aloud Suggestions.  Your friendly librarian is also always happy to help you find a good book to read.  You may participate in this program at either Olathe library.  So join the Family Read-Aloud Club (if you haven’t already) and start reading some great books with your family. . . and earn some free books along the way!


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