Look! A beautiful butterfly!

by Aileen Fisher

What do caterpillars do? 
Nothing much but chew and chew. 
What do caterpillars know? 
Nothing much but how to grow. 
They just eat what by and by 
will make them be a butterfly. 
But that is more than I can do 
however much I chew and chew.

From Cricket in a Thicket by Aileen Fisher

The next time you are at the Downtown Library, check out our display of caterpillars in the Children’s Department.  You’ll find a variety of caterpillars working to become beautiful butterflies (or moths), including monarchs, black swallowtails, and polyphemus moths.  Two monarch butterflies and one swallowtail have already emerged from their chrysalises and been set free.  A number of others have formed their chrysalises as we await their transformation into butterflies or moths, and a few are still munching away as caterpillars.  This is a great opportunity to stop and observe a little miracle of nature.  

caterpillar monarch

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