Scan: Makerspace Scanners


What scanner does the Makerspace have?

We have an Epson Perfection V800 Photo Scanner and an Epson 12000XL large format scanner in Olathe Downtown's Prairie Room. The scanners are not in the Makerspace room. 

What can the scanner do?

The scanners can digitize old photos, negatives and slides, newspaper clippings and more. It can restore them to like-new quality by correcting fading, spots and the color. The large format scanner can scan photos up to 12" by 17".

What if I need to make more corrections beyond the features of the scanner? 

Additional corrections can be made using Photoshop Elements (available on the Makerspace computers). 

What can I do with the images once they are corrected and digitized?

Once you have digitized copies there are a variety of websites where you can order prints, photo album books and other keepsakes. You can also rest easy knowing your irreplaceable family memories are preserved for the future. 

Can I use the scanners in the Prairie Room anytime?


What resources do you recommend if I am just getting started?

Scanner Tutorial  

Read Family Tree Magazine How to Scan Family Photos for a basic overview of the process. The Digital Photo Primer will tell you all you need to know digital photos and Understanding DPI.  To keep your digitized files organized, read Tips on Naming Your Photo Files. Next to the scanner, you will also find step-by-step instructions for photos, negatives, slides and newspaper clippings. Recommended books below are always available in the Olathe Downtown's Kansas Room.

What resources do you recommend for Photoshop?
Photoshop and Photo Restoration
Tutorials are available through the library's subscription to All you need is your Library Card number and PIN. 

Do you have photo scanning classes?

Yes! Check the Events Calendar for upcoming workshops.

   Recommended Reading