Books About New Baby

E Fiction Alexander, Martha G. When The New Baby Comes, I'm Moving Out
E Fiction Andreae, Giles There’s a House Inside My Mommy
E Fiction Anholt, Catherine Aren't You Lucky!
E Fiction Anholt, Catherine Sophie and the New Baby
E Fiction Appelt, Kathi Someone’s Come to Our House
E Fiction Ballard, Robin I Used to Be the Baby
E Fiction Ballard, Robin When I Am a Sister
E Fiction Berenstain, Stan Berenstain Bear’s New Baby
E Fiction Bond, Rebecca Just Like a Baby
E Fiction Brown, Marc Tolon Arthur's Baby
E Fiction Bunting, Eve Twinnies
E Fiction Carter, Alden R. Big Brother Dustin
E Fiction Cazet, Denys Dancing
E Fiction Cole, Joanna I'm a Big Brother
E Fiction Cole, Joanna I'm a Big Sister
E Fiction Cousins, Lucy Za-Za's Baby Brother
E Fiction Denton, Kady MacDonald Would They Love a Lion?
E Fiction DePaola, Tomie The Baby Sister
E Fiction Dyer, Jane Little Brown Bear and the Bundle of Joy
E Fiction Falwell, Cathryn We Have a Baby
E Fiction Farmer, Patti What's He Doing Now?
E Fiction Galbraith, Kathryn Osebold Waiting for Jennifer
E Fiction Gauch, Patricia Lee Christina Katerina and the Great Bear Train
E Fiction Gliori, Debi Mr. Bear’s New Baby
E Fiction Greenfield, Eloise She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl
E Fiction Gregory, Valiska Shirley's Wonderful Baby
E Fiction Gutman, Anne Lisa’s Baby Sister
E Fiction Harris, Robie Happy Birth Day!
E Fiction Harris, Robie Hello Benny
E Fiction Harris, Robie Hi New Baby!
E Fiction Henderson, Kathy Newborn
E Fiction Henkes, Kevin Julius, the Baby of the World
E Fiction Henson, Heather Angel Coming
E Fiction Hest, Amy You're the Boss, Baby Duck
E Fiction Hiatt, Fred Baby Talk
E Fiction Hines, Anna Grossnickle Big Like Me
E Fiction Hoban, Russell A Baby Sister For Frances
E Fiction Holabird, Katharine Angelina's Baby Sister
E Fiction Horowitz, Ruth Mommy's Lap
E Fiction Hurwitz, Johanna Russell's Secret
E Fiction Jacobs, Julie My Heart is a Magic House
E Fiction Keats, Ezra Jack Peter's Chair
E Fiction Laing, Kate Best Kind of Baby
E Fiction London, Jonathan Froggy’s Baby Sister
E Fiction Lloyd-Jones, Sally How to be a Baby—by Me, the Big Sister
E Fiction Look, Lenore Henry's First-Moon Birthday
E Fiction Lund, Deb Tell Me My Story, Mama
E Fiction MacLachlan, Patricia Bittle
E Fiction Mario, Heidi Stetson I'd Rather Have an Iguana
E Fiction Penn, Audrey Pocket Full of Kisses
E Fiction Rockwell, Lizzy Hello Baby!
E Fiction Rosenberry, Vera Vera's Baby Sister
E Fiction Russo, Marisabina Hannah's Baby Sister
E Fiction Russo, Marisabina The Trouble With Baby
E Fiction Stoeke, Janet A Friend for Minerva Louise
E Fiction Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie Elizabeti's Doll
E Fiction Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie Mama Elizabeti
E Fiction Thomas, Shelley Moore A Baby’s Coming to Your House
E Fiction Walter, Mildred Pitt My Mama Needs Me
E Fiction Weninger, Brigitte Will You Mind the Baby, Davy?
E Fiction Weston, Martha Bad Baby Brother
E Fiction Williams, Susan Poppy's First Year
E Fiction Winthrop, Elizabeth Bear and Roly-Poly
E Fiction Wishinsky, Frieda Oonga Boonga
E Fiction Ziefert, Harriet Pushkin Meets the Bundle
E Fiction Ziefert, Harriet Waiting for Baby
J 306.8
Cole, Joanna The New Baby At Your House
J 306.875
Hughes, Monica First Brother or Sister
J 306.875
Lasky, Kathryn Love that Baby!
 J 306.875
Murkoff, Heidi What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home
J 306.875 Green, Jen Our New Baby
J 305.232
Thomas, Shelley Moore Baby's Coming to Your House
J 612. 63 Cole, Johanna How You Were Born
J 618.24 Sears, William  Baby on the Way
J 618.4 Rosenberg, Maxine B. Mommy's in the Hospital Having a Baby

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