Fear of the Dark

E Fiction Bogacki, Tomasz Cat and Mouse in the Night
E Fiction Bogan, Paulette Goodnight Lulu
E Fiction Bond, Felicia Poinsettia and the Firefighters
E Fiction Chorao, Kay Shadow Night
E Fiction Cooney, Nancy Go Away Monsters, Lickety Split
E Fiction Corentin, Philippe Papa!
E Fiction Fore, S.J. Tiger Can’t Sleep
E Fiction Gibbons, Faye Night in the Barn
E Fiction Hoban, Russell Bedtime for Frances
E Fiction Howe, James There's A Monster Under My Bed
E Fiction James, Betsy Flashlight
E Fiction Koller, Jackie French No Such Thing
E Fiction MacDonald, Margaret The Squeaky Door
E Fiction Mayer, Mercer There's An Alligator Under My Bed
E Fiction McKay, Hilary There’s a Dragon Downstairs
E Fiction Pumphrey, Jerome Creepy Things Are Scaring Me
E Fiction Stevenson, James What's Under My Bed
E Fiction Stolz, Mary Storm in the Night
E Fiction Tomlinson, Jill The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
E Fiction Viorst, Judith My Mama Says There Aren't Any Zombies, Ghosts...
E Fiction Waddell, Martin Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?
E Fiction Walton, Rick A Very Hairy Scary Story
E Fiction Walsh, Ellen  Pip’s Magic
VER Reader Bonsall, Crosby Newell Who's Afraid of the Dark?
J 155.4 Kreiner, Anna Let's Talk About Being Afraid

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