1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Welcome to1,000 Books Before Kindergarten! This free program is designed to encourage you to read 1,000 books to your child before he or she enters kindergarten. Reading aloud to children, beginning in infancy, gives them the building blocks they need to become lifelong readers and learners. Not only that, but reading together is fun!
Who may participate?

The program is open to any child who has not yet begun kindergarten.

How does the program work?

Register:  Stop by either Olathe library to register and pick up your child’s information packet and first reading log.

Track your reading:  Every time you read a book with your child, color in a shape on the tracking sheet. You can also write the titles on the back of the sheet, but this is not required.

Show us your log:  Turn in your completed reading log to either Olathe library and pick up the next log. For every 100 books that your child reads they will get a special “100 Books” sticker.

Keep going:  Keep tracking your reading until you reach 1,000 books. When you turn in your final reading log your child will receive a free book to keep!

What books count?

All books read aloud to your child count, including:

·         Books they have read before (repetition is good!)
·         Books read at library storytimes
·         Books read at daycare or preschool
·         Books read by an older sibling
·         Books from the library, from home, from the doctor’s waiting room, etc.

1,000 books? Is that really possible?

Absolutely! If you read one book to your child every day for three years then you will have read 1,095 books. Three books a day for one year is also 1,095 books. If you begin when your child is an infant and read just four books a week you will have read 1,040 books by the time your child enters kindergarten. Whether you start when your child is an infant or when your child is four, you can do this!

“Experts tell us that children need to hear 1,000 stories read aloud before they begin to read for themselves.”
            from Reading Magic by Mem Fox

This is not a competition, and the only end date is the day your child begins kindergarten, so take your time and enjoy the experience. We suggest that you use this opportunity to introduce your child to six important pre-reading skills:

1)  Have Fun with Books

You are doing this simply by joining this program and reading to your child! Choose books to read that both you and your child will enjoy. Let your child handle books and help you turn pages.

2)  Notice Print All Around You

Identify print in places other than books, such as on signs. Look for words that your child knows and point them out.

3)  Talk, Talk, Talk

Point to objects in the illustrations and name them. Tell them what new words mean. Ask them to tell you their favorite part of the story.

4)  Tell Stories about Everything

Talk about how stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Help your child act out the story you just read. Choose books without words and encourage your child to tell the story.

5)  Look for Letters Everywhere

Point out letters on the page and talk about other words that start with that letter. Pick a letter and see if your child can find it on a page.

6)  Take Time to Rhyme, Sing and Play Word Games

Read nursery rhymes together. Encourage your child to finish the sentence in rhyming books. Sing together, even if you think you can’t carry a tune! Play word games by changing the first sound in a word. Make up words that rhyme – they don’t have to be real words!